• We build & manage awesome digital products
  • We work alongside businesses in their digital transformation
  • We use our agile culture and our product expertise to achieve tangible results

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I want digital delivery !

We are Evellia

We work alongside businesses in their digital transformation: we use our agile culture and our product expertise to achieve tangible results.


We act as a bridge between your idea and its implementation. We believe a multidisciplinary team is the answer to serve better projets, faster.

Agile Culture

The agiles methods has changed the way we approach projects. We believe the solutions to your challenges need to be checked in the field to achieve quick return on investment and fast time-to-market.

Product Expertise

In order to answer your employees and customers needs quickly, you must to build customized digital products and services.


Accelerate the digital transformation

Business Process simplification, Customer Experience Improvement, Agile coaching, Product-focussed organisation setup, innovative business case

Manage the product

Stakeholders and businesses interviews to fix the vision and scope the product

Own the product

Team, project workflow setup. Product roadmap/storymap/backlog creation. Tools (kanban, user stories, etc.) setup, Backlog, user stories, velocity tracking. Change Management support (deployment, workflow for maintenance, etc)

Conduct e-business projects

CRM, PIM, DAM set-up, marketing workflows design. Project Scope definition and implementation support

Drive analytics projects

stakeholder and businesses interviews to define KPIS and analysis dimensions, modelisation of the data warehouse

Lead IT Audit and master plan

projects portfolio analysis, functional maps, definition of scenarios


100% digital ! We are a community of product managers. We are hiring : hello@evellia.com.


90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy

- MIT Sloan and Capgemini -


Business processes redesign & B2B product creation – BNP Paribas

E-commerce & experiential site creation – Anonymous

CRM implementation & deployment – Keolis, a SNCF company

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